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In recent years, I have worked with several knowledgeable information technology professionals.  None, however, stand out more than Beth Sterling.  She is extremely adept in the areas of technology and administrative support and expertly handles each situation she encounters.  She is a forward-thinker and goes the extra mile, routinely providing helpful services beyond the scope of her assignment.  Beth is extremely intelligent but possesses the rare ability to explain complex systems in layman's terms.  Beyond this, she is a thoughtful individual who treats others with genuine respect and kindness.  It is a pleasure working with her.

     - Tracy Miller

          Tracy Miller Meeting Management

          Lancaster, PA

Beth Sterling is very good with computers.  She knows her programming quite well and is very good at it.  She also is a dependable person and if you need any kind of help with the computer she knows exactly what to do and if not she will find out for you what she needs to do.  She also is a very nice person to know and she has a very nice family.  I know if I need help with anything on my computer she will help or she will make a house call to help me out with my problem.

All in all she is a good computer programmer and knows what she is doing and is willing to learn more if she needs to, in order to solve the problems.

     - B. Tshudy
          Lancaster, PA

Each time I needed to be "rescued", Beth has been there for me in a timely, caring and professional manner.  Whether I need help formatting, resolving a technical problem, designing and compiling a handbook and catalog, creating illustrations, sharing ideas that led to top-notch professional compositions.  Beth ALWAYS came through.  Her styles puts one at ease, eliminates stress and gives one the courage to carry on.  She has a unique way of making one feel comfortable and her reliability, integrity and vision are rare finds.   It is with great pleasure that I recommend Beth and her services; she is indeed top quality.

    - H. Solarz
          Holistic Health Practitioner, Shaman, Reiki Master/teacher
          Gap, PA


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